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  Bathroom Electric Wall Heaters:   Review for the staff at LLC  

Stelpro ARWF

The Stelpro ARWF is our most popular models for bathrooms because whisper quiet and the shallow 7/8” stamped round grille blends in with the wall and your rooms decor.
I like this unit for three reasons it comes in three colors ( white, almond & silver) and its one of the few that can be mounted vertically or horizontally and can be installed with a built in thermostat or if you like you can run it with a wall mounted thermostat or timer..

Electric Wall Heaters Qmark GFR
View Qmark GFR

The Qmark GFR,  , super quiet I personally have one in my bathroom and when its on w/ my 1 scone bathroom fan I can’t here it.. When Qmark wanted a quiet heater they found a German manufacture to make the motor and fan. That is what separates it from it sister heater the Qmark QFG. Its also Stelpro ARWF it’s the only other heater that can be installed with a built in thermostat or if you like you can run it with a wall mounted thermostat or timer. 

Qmark SED1512W Click Here
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The Qmark SED is available in white or chrome finish. The SED back box is only 2 ½ ‘ deep  so its ideally suited for recessed shallow wall mount applications. It comes with a pre-wired double pole thermostat making the wiring this heater very easy.

It’s a more economical then the Stelpro ARWF,   Qmark GFR or Stiebel Eltron CK series heater because its one tear louder then the three above heaters…

View Qmark CRA

the CRA in one of our most popular heaters because of its european styling sleek rounded corners..  I would say Qmark CRA and the Qmark SED are first cousins with similar.

internal parts, the main difference is the CRA has a  3 ¾ “ deep back box then the Qmark SED series wall heater… It comes with the built in thermostat and is very easy to wire… It is one of our more economical heaters it is  because its louder then the   Stelpro ARWF , Qmark GFR or Stiebel Eltron CK series heaters

Broan Model 9815WH

Broan 9815WH… This is a new heater made by Nutone / Broan, Its the only heater we sell that has a hard plastic grille. what I like most about this heater is its multi voltage which allows you to wire it for 120 or 240 volts, it’s our only model that we sell that will allow field convert voltage.

Dimplex TWH - Electric Bathroom Wall Heaters
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Dimplex TWH  is one of best economical heaters, do to its starting price of $ 105.00 and its versatility on being able to be mounted vertically or horizontally and control options of  ether a built in thermostat  or wall mounted  or wall mounted timer


View Stiebel Eltron CK

CK Electric Wall Heaters is a German built unit, but is ships from there US warehouse in Western Massachusetts. We have been selling the Stiebel Eltron CK for 3+ years and we have not had one problem (knock on wood) with their heaters… It’s the one of the easiest heater to install because its surface mounted and the thermostat is pre-wired.. The deal breaker for some is it sticks out 5 1/2 inches from the wall
Dimplex EF12  Electric Bathroom Wall Heater

View Dimplex EF12

is a luxury heater at an economical price.. I like  It has two stages of fan forced heat 1000 watts is controlled a built in thermostat and a 60 minute timer to give it a 2nd additional 1000 watts for a total of 2000 watts of heater perfect for the bathroom during those cold morning showers.. its down side is its only available 240 volts

Stepro SIL2030

SIL2030 is a luxury bathroom heater; it’s very similar in concept  to the Dimplex EF12  with the two stage heat and timer and also available in 240 volts too. It only has 30 min timer to the dimplex 60 min timer.. It is built with a sturdy construction and that is one of the main reasons it over a $100 more in cost.. It has a nice feature of being able to semi recess into the wall or full surface mount it and it comes in 3 color white, almond or stainless steel (same stainless steel you would find in a gourmet kitchen )

Stelpro SILVC1560

Stelpro SILVC1560 is the 2nd of four luxury bathroom heaters made by Stelpro with a timer. the SILVC series is what I call a hybrid heater… it’s a two stage heater: first state is controlled by the thermostat and produces 500 watts - silent no fan forced heat. Stage two is controlled by a 60 minute timer that produces and extra 1000 watts of heat. When you turn just the timer on you will get 1500 watts of up to 60 minutes and when the timer hits zero. The unit will be dead . Or you can turn the thermostat on and the timer, when timer hits zero the heater will go back to stage one of 500 watts of heat.


Stelpro SILVC2060 Electric Bathroom Wall Heaters (White Shown)


Stelpro SILVC 2060

Stelpro SILVC2060 was Stelpro’s first hybrid heater. its 3’ wider then the SILVC1560 and produces 500 watts more heat. We have been selling it since 2004, and it has been a very reliable heater with a built in heater.


Qmark CWH1000DS

Qmark CHW1000

This heater can be used in commercial or residential applications.. It has a Rugged louvered commercial grade grille so it can take a more of high traffic area bumps and banging into.. It  also comes with a  built in disconnect switch and a summer on/ off switch meaning you can turn the power off  at the heater and if someone walks by an turns the thermostat on it will not start if the kill switch is off the Motor is totally enclosed, impedance protected with permanently lubricated bearings. The down side is the gille is a little outdated with a Navajo white finish and it can only be controlled by a built in thermostat


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